Designer Ladies

Red Designer Ladies Fashion Reading Glass with Rhinestone design

OVER 130 Styles of Ladies Fashion Reading Glasses!


Classic Wire Men's reading glass

More Than 40 styles of Men’s and Unisex Frames!

Sunglass Reader

Sunglass Reader with Bifocal lens

Over 30 styles of Sunglass Readers to choose so you can rest easy while at work at the cottage or at home in the sun.

Your Comfort. Your Eyes.

Mirage offers over 170 styles of Reading Glasses in .25 diopter increments for powers +1.00 ~ 4.00. Your eyes are extremely sensitive and require the best fit possible. Many distributors only offer even powers (1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00), but your eyes deserve better. If size 13 shoes are not comfortable on your size 9 feet, why should your eyes be any different? Make sure your diopter comfort is a close as possible. This simply means being able to read comfortably what you need, when you need.

A good test is to read size 8 font from approximately 12 inches away. This should allow you to read most menus, almost any fine print on your mortgage or rental details, and even those hard-to-see ingredient listings of all your favorite foods.

Reading glasses do not require an optical prescription and are provided as "magnifiers" to aid in your day-to-day life. For serious eye conditions, please see a certified optometrist or opthamalogist.

Contact Mirage Eyewear today to order a display with the widest selection and most diopters anywhere in Canada. In the end, Mirage is here to help you see. Clearly.